The hybridomas that produce the J2, K1 and K2 antibodies were created in 1990, and their specificity, their binding to a range of synthetic double stranded polyribonucleotides and their lack of reaction with DNA and single stranded RNA has been extensively characterised (Schönborn et al., 1991).


Over the past decade the antibodies have been used extensively to detect and characterise plant and animal viruses with dsRNA genomes or intermediates (including Hepatitis C, Dengue, West Nile Virus and SARS). In addition, the anti-dsRNA antibodies can be used as a diagnostic tool to detect whether an unkown pathogen is bacterial or viral in nature, including detection in paraffin-embedded fixed tissue samples (Richardson et al. 2010). In particular the J2 anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody sold by English & Scientific Consulting Kft. has become the gold standard for the immunohistological detection of dsRNA.


The two IgG monoclonal antibodies J2 and K1 are supplied in lyophilised form to allow worldwide shipping without the need for cooling. The IgM mononclonal antibody K2 is only sold as hybridoma supernatant which is stored frozen and shipped on ice. All our antibodies can be ordered through our online ordering system.